Thursday, 18 June 2009

glacéau vitamin water

I am a fool and did this woefully late in the day, however, there is still a small window in which you can go vote for this online (before june 20th) and make me very happy.

Go check this one and lots of other very good ones at

(mine is submitted under the name AVL, just a subtle hint)


  1. this is really nice! how did you do it? the little man, that is? is it computer-based or screen printed or what? forgive the animator's ignorance over here ;_;

  2. hanks joe, i drew the chap then scanned him in and dithered on photoshop. he would be nice on a screen though your right

  3. I voted for it twice! And hated the top ones for you. haha

    I do actually hate them though so felt less bad x